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Your List of CSMC Exhibitors

One of the key components of the Canadian Seating & Mobility Conference is showcasing the latest advancements in products that you sell in your store every day. In our exhibit hall, we have exhibitors representing the leading brands in seating and mobility to share new products and much more. Browse the list of our growing exhibitors by category to see which one’s you’ll want to visit! This list is growing daily, so be sure to come back to add to your list of booths to visit! 

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Sunrise Medical

Booth #100

Since 1983, we've pioneered the era of the high-performance wheelchair, challenged conventions and led innovation. Today, Sunrise Medical is one of the most globally well-known and recognizable industry leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of mobility products.

Permobil Canada

Booth #106

Permobil founder Dr. Per Uddén believed that helping individuals achieve the greatest level of independence is a basic human right and, for over 50 years, that has been the driving force behind our innovative assistive technology. Permobil is a trusted leader in advanced healthcare solutions because we are dedicated to understanding our users’ needs and improving their quality of life. These solutions include power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, power assist, and manual wheelchairs.

Amylior Inc

Booth #220

Our mission is to improve customer mobility and quality of life by developing a superior product and offering unbeatable service to meet the specific needs of users.


Booth #208

We understand that innovative design must always lead to a functional product that improves lives and makes mobility easier. From agility and maneuverability to structural integrity, strength and durability. We don't just make wheelchairs, we make wheelchairs better.

Power Plus Mobility

Booth #107

We design, manufacture parts and assemble all our products in-house and we pride ourselves to cater to our customers in the best way possible.

Med Plus Medical Equipment

Booth #408

MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution has been serving the community for over 30 years, providing specialized medical equipment and products for individuals who are aging or recovering from an injury. Our staff takes a personal, hands-on approach to tailor solutions that meet each individual's needs, including delivering, installing, and assisting with home renovations to reduce mobility issues.

Our commitment is to help our clients maintain comfort and independence in their own lives. MED+ Medical Equipment Distribution proudly services communities across the Greater Toronto Area and is an authorized ADP vendor. We are incredibly proud of our community partnerships with healthcare providers, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities.

Quantum Rehab

Booth #302

Clinically-focused and consumer-inspired, Quantum Rehab products are engineered and manufactured to meet the widest range of complex rehab needs with functional, durable, stylized, high-performance designs to increase daily functionality and quality of life. At Quantum, consumer needs and wishes are the driving force. We’re dedicated to not just meeting medical and clinical needs, but also quality-of-life needs. From the most advanced power seating for pressure management to USB ports, Bluetooth® and fender lights, no consumer need is overlooked.

Pride Mobility Products

Booth #410

Pride is dedicated to providing expertly designed, engineered, and tested products incorporating technologically innovative features enabling consumers to achieve the best quality of life and mobility goals.

R&M Healthcare Inc.

Booth #F15

At R & M Health Care, our clients come first. Successful outcomes for our clients are our only priority, and we are diligent in ensuring that everything we do ensures a successful outcome for those requiring our products.

Our commitment is finding real solutions to our clients' mobility, seating, and positioning needs. We look forward to working in a team environment to accomplish this.

New Product: 


Booth #F18

NRRTS' mission is to support professional complex rehab technology (CRT) suppliers through education and advocacy to improve access and provide quality services to people who rely on CRT.

etac - Adult Group

Booth #313

We understand that innovative design must always lead to a functional product that improves lives and makes mobility easier. From agility and maneuverability to structural integrity, strength and durability. We don't just make wheelchairs, we make wheelchairs better.

LIW Care Technology

Booth #F07

We design, manufacture and market innovative medical products of the highest quality, truly supporting
rehabilitation of the special needs people.

We are dedicated to the manufacturing of seating systems and standing frames.

Our hallmark is the internationally recognized "Spine", which each of our seating systems and standing
frames is equipped with.

"Second Spine" adapts to the shape of the person thanks to this innovative solution, it is possible to
reproduce the anatomical curves of the patient's spine, support the back on the entire plane or obtain
precise correction settings.

Our quality, reliability and passion in creating unique medical devices have been appreciated by
customers in many parts of the world.

The company builds its competitive supremacy by means of our skill to proper determination of the needs
of the special needs people and development of equipment which meets a broad variety of needs due to
their multi-functionality, not yet encountered on the market.